Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls

Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls

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The Tour B RX Bridgestone Golf Ball allows you to shoot further and with more accuracy than traditional golf balls.

The enhanced distance of the Tour B RX Bridgestone Golf Balls come from increased ball speed as a result of core construction and enhanced aerodynamics. The Bridgestone Tour B RX golf balls get its accuracy as a result of lower side spin from the gradation core construction. Tee through green the TOUR B RX is designed to give you confidence on the course.


Added distance and forgiveness comes from the Gradational Compression core. Higher initial ball speed and lower side spin from the Gradational Compression core help give you an advantage on the course.


Added feel and control come from the soft SlipRes cover formulation. The added spin control comes from increased friction and feel thanks to the proprietary SlipRes urethane cover.


Extra distance and enhanced aerodynamics are a result of the Dual Dimple technology. The added distance comes from a more efficient ball trajectory thanks to less drag when the ball is in flight.


Consistent flight and performance are a result of the proprietary Seamless Cover Technology. The perfect performance and aerodynamic balance comes from a manufacturing processes that creates a perfectly balanced dimple pattern.